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General Hospital’s Jack Wagner speaks candidly about his son’s drug addiction

All parents worries about their children, no matter how old they are. That concern was taken to social media on Sunday night by General Hospital star Jack Wagner.

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Wagner admitted that his son’s drug and alcohol addiction had reared its ugly head, and he was missing for five days after falling off the wagon. Wagner shared his worry with his fans on Twitter.

Harrison Wagner is the son of the soap star and his ex-wife, Kristina Wagner. The couple married in 1993 after they fell in love on the set of GH, but they eventually divorced in 2006. Harrison is the couple’s youngest son.

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Wagner had his own struggles with drugs and alcohol early in his career, but he has been sober for many years. His frankness regarding his son’s relapse opened up a refreshing dialogue on the social media platform about addiction.

Many fans shared their own journey to sobriety or talked about a family member who was battling addiction or who had lost his or her life to the disease.

The good news is that Harrison reached out to his father and he is doing OK. However, his latest road to recovery is just beginning. It is common for addicts to fall off the wagon before they are able to stand on their own two feet.

Wagner has opened up a wider dialogue with his fans about his family. He shows that they all share similar struggles, whether they are a soap star or a teacher. Life can present itself with many challenges along the way because addiction knows no boundaries; it can affect anyone of any race, gender, religion or socioeconomic bracket.

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Hopefully Harrison will be able to get his life back on track soon. He has a lot of supporters rooting for him. All he has to do is read his father’s social media timeline.

What do you think about Jack Wagner’s frank talk about his son’s addiction?

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