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Kelly Ripa finally shared the Live! spotlight with a woman — what took so long?

It’s been almost two months since Michael Strahan left Live! with Kelly. That’s eight weeks of guest hosts. Finally, finally, we get to see Ripa next to someone without a suit and tie on (and no, I don’t mean those cargo shorts Alec Baldwin wore during Beach House Week.) She has a female co-host. Welcome, Carrie Ann Inaba — we couldn’t be happier that you’re here.

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Inaba and Ripa got to chat about things that just don’t work when you have a male host at your side, and clearly the fans love it. These are women who know their audience, so where do they start? With the pains of aging. With their insecurities. And with the fact that they aren’t perfect, which is always nice to hear from Ripa, who looks polished and sparkly at 9 a.m. every. Single. Weekday. Morning.

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Ripa also took the opportunity to address the tragedies of last week. She wants to keep the show positive, but took a moment to remind the audience that the world is 99.999 percent good. She continued, “That’s what this is all about. The mornings here are all about remembering that we all love each other, we have fun, and it’s OK, and let’s all be uplifting and loving.” As much as we enjoyed her faux-flirting with Fred Savage, there’s something way more uplifting and loving about her cheerful relationship with Inaba.

What do you think of Ripa with a female host? Let us know in the comments!

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