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Britney Spears’ mental health shouldn’t be a punch line for Wendy Williams

Recent tabloid reports surfaced claiming that Britney Spears has her heart set on her very own Bachelor-style reality show and that she’s been begging her dad (who currently controls much of Spears’ personal and business ventures due to her conservatorship) for the opportunity to find a boyfriend on national TV.

Of course, these rumors are, without much question, just rumors, as Spears herself said in 2013 that she would never do reality TV again after her much-maligned UPN reality series in 2005 called Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. Spears even added, “That was really bad. That was probably the worst thing I’ve done in my career.”

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Paired with the fact that Spears and her inner circle have worked insanely hard to regain control of her private life after the media frenzy surrounding her in her late teens and twenties, these rumors already seem to be pretty outlandish, even by tabloid standards.

But that didn’t stop Wendy Williams from speculating on the reports on her show, with Williams saying that Spears is about to make a mistake.

She added that she loves Spears, though she’s never met her, but considers her to be the sweetest, most vulnerable girl in the world, and compared this alleged reality show to VH1 examples Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels as “not really lookin’ for love.”

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Williams believes that most people do shows like this only to gain more fame, but that she thought Spears really would do it to try and find true love, adding, “We all know that’s not going to happen.”

Williams then says that Spears has two kids who are getting older and that the men appearing on the show would be using her for money and fame and not truly falling in love with her as a person.

This is completely valid and is most definitely true, which is why the likelihood of this reality show ever coming to light is incredibly slim. But then Williams attacks Spears, saying, “Britney does not have the best judgment when it comes to… a lot,” she said. “We all slip — me, you, we all slip — but we haven’t necessarily shaved our heads or hit an umbrella on a car!”

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For someone who claims to love Britney Jean, this is a pretty unnecessarily low blow. Spears’ personal struggles around 2007 aren’t anything newsworthy or shocking at this point, but it’s a pretty baseless attack to say that she shouldn’t do a reality show nearly 10 years later because she doesn’t have the best judgment. By all accounts, it seems like Spears has turned her life around, and most importantly, has found the inner peace and balance in her life that was lacking during those trying times. The 2007 version of Spears is all but gone these days, and now we’ve got a Spears that seems healthy and truly happy, which is amazing.

Pointing out two very low moments in Spears’ life as evidence that she shouldn’t be on reality TV is tacky and rude, and Williams should know better.

For her part, Spears hasn’t addressed the rumors or Williams’ comments about them, but she did post a seriously sexy video to Instagram promoting her newest fragrance, Private Show, which seems to feature a snippet of new music, leaving her fans wanting more… as only Spears could.

Do you think Wendy Williams was right in her comments about Britney Spears? Sound off in the comments below.

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