We're still convinced Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk were caught fighting

Jul 11, 2016 at 12:36 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

LOL at Bradley Cooper trying to claim he wasn't fighting with his girlfriend in the now-viral video of her crying and him looking awkwardly away.

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The incident happened at Wimbledon, which is apparently the epicenter for awkward celeb moments this week. In the video, supermodel Irina Shayk is leaning away from Cooper, facing the opposite direction and wiping tears from her eyes. Meanwhile, Cooper appears to be trying to placate her, then turns back to watch the match with a strained smile on his face.


Come on, Coop. We've all seen that face. That was a fight. Don't try to deny it.

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But he is denying it. A rep for Cooper told E! News that the two were definitely not fighting and they're as strong as ever as a couple.

"They were not fighting," the rep said. "Everything is fine."

The insider continued, "Things are getting more serious between them. They have spoken about having a family soon and building a future together. Irina would like to have kids in the next few years. Being a mother is something that is very important to her... Things are moving in an amazing direction."

It seems important to note here that planning a future together and having a little public spat are not exactly mutually exclusive. Even the strongest couples are allowed to fight sometimes, and no matter what Cooper's camp is saying, anyone with eyes can see that that was definitely a fight.

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