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Frank’s Big Brother actions toward Da’Vonne should get him evicted

One of the most frustrating things is to watch a grown man on national television act so inappropriately it borders on disgusting harassment. It’s not frustrating because a man in his 30s should know how to treat a woman as a human being, but because that woman can’t stand up for herself for fear of losing the game.

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Tonight on Big Brother, when Frank treated Da’Vonne with shocking amounts of disrespect, my frustration hit a new high.

Frank called Da’Vonne a slut — as a joke, of course, because that’s such a funny joke. He also told her she shouldn’t talk, and then to top it all off, he slapped her on the butt as she walked by. His behavior was so outrageous, I hardly could believe what I was watching.

Da’Vonne, as expected, had a very emotional response to his treatment of her. She escaped to her room to cry, because she didn’t want her reaction to jeopardize her standing in the house. She knew that if she called Frank out for being disgusting, he would use his power to send her home.

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So, instead of feeling empowered to stand up for herself and put Frank in his place, Da’Vonne had to pretend his words and actions didn’t affect her. She had to pretend it was all OK and that her feelings weren’t hurt, because Frank is a self-proclaimed good guy, and slapping her ass was a sign that he’s close to her. He does it to his grandma, after all.

Frank did apologize to Da’Vonne once he saw that she was crying so hard, but to the viewer, it looked more like a way to save his spot in the house, and less like he understood what was wrong with what he did.

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Da’Vonne did say that she only went along with his apology so that he wouldn’t suspect that she was now out to get him evicted, which is smart, but it still shouldn’t be an either/or scenario. If anything, the house should all be against Frank at this point because he’s a sexist jerk. I may not be totally Team Da’Vonne at this point, but I’m certainly on Team Get-Frank-Evicted from now on.

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