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Was Jane jealous of Maura’s new BFF on Rizzoli & Isles or did we imagine that?

It has happened. Now that I’ve been made aware of the rampant sexual tension between Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli, it is totally impossible for me to unsee it. It makes watching an episode basically impossible, especially Monday’s, which begins like a really good horror movie and ends with Jane in an off-the-shoulder dress straight out of the ’90s, rolling her eyes and drinking copiously as Maura follows another lady out of the room.

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The lady in question is named Samantha, a mystery writer who is suspiciously into the case Maura and Jane are working on. She’s very into Maura, and the two of them have drinks and delicious cake while Samantha tells her how awesome her writing is, which is basically what we all want, right? Jane is annoyed by the two of them spending time together because of the case and what she decided is Samantha’s sketchiness, but I can’t stop thinking it’s also because she loves Maura in something other than a best friend way. Would I have noticed this if I hadn’t read a whole bunch of articles about the unsubtle lesbian undertones of this show? It’s so impossible to tell anymore, but watching Rizzoli & Isles has become less about the cases and more about watching the relationship between our two heroines, so, nice job, writers. The relationships are supposed to be what we pay attention to, they’re supposed to accentuate the gross/disturbing content of the show and distract us if we need distracting. And if you’re me, you read way too much into those relationships.

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Maura and Samantha’s instant BFF status gets revoked, though, when they go into a hospital archive and Samantha tries to steal all the files, so it turns out she’s no threat to the Jane/Maura dynamic, in case you were worried. The show is now in its seventh and final season, so fans are definitely wondering how things will be resolved. We haven’t heard much in the way of information on that small matter of Maura’s head injury, although it’s early in the season and there’s always the possibility of that cropping up again to ruin our lives. But can we hope that Maura and Jane will run to one another in the season finale and finally manifest all that tension that may or may not actually exist? We can hope, of course, although I doubt the writers are going to devote a whole bunch of (any?) time to these two admitting they have sexual feelings toward each other. I am definitely OK with this show continuing to be a smart, funny, odd saga about two smart, funny, odd women, whose main allegiance is to each other.

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Do you think there’s sexual tension between Rizzoli and Isles, or is it in all of our heads? Tell us in the comments!

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