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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are too chill for $100,000 Pyramid

One of the best things about watching The $100,000 Pyramid is seeing ordinarily calm and collected celebrities get super excited about the prospect of winning big money on behalf of regular folks. When these celebrities jump up and cheer after giving the perfect clue, I’m happy to cheer with them.

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Unfortunately, not all celebrities are excitable on Pyramid. Some spend the entirety of the game show looking like they’re practicing their best poker face, or worse, getting ready to take a nap. It’s tolerable if a subdued celebrity is paired with somebody a bit more excitable, but that was sadly not the case tonight.

Snoop Dogg
Image: ABC

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are about as different as can be, but they have at least one thing in common: an apparent inability to show any emotion while filming game shows. Both were oddly chill during tonight’s episode, although Snoop did crack a smile from time to time.

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I once thought that The $100,000 Pyramid was best when a game show savant showed up and won big, but the last few episodes are beginning to change my mind. I actually took some perverse enjoyment in seeing Robin Roberts struggle last week, although I felt bad for her partners. At least she showed some enthusiasm. Stewart and Snoop were marginally better than Roberts, but boy, were they boring to watch!

Snoop Dogg
Image: ABC

A lot of Twitter users were disappointed by the celebrities on tonight’s $100,000 Pyramid. A few commented on the celebs’ inability to grasp a few basic essentials of the game (such as the ability to interrupt clues when you figure something out before the whole clue is given), while others just wished that the celebrity contestants would demonstrate some eagerness or excitement.

Not everybody, however, demands enthusiasm from $100,000 Pyramid contestants. Some argue that it’s natural for celebrities to have a blank face while concentrating, and a few fans even thought that Stewart and Snoop’s unique demeanor made the show more interesting.

I get that some people are just not going to perform well in the game show setting, but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed when celebrity contestants fail to live up to their potential. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing $100,000 Pyramid‘s usual excitable contestants next week.

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