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Julie Chen slammed Victor’s game and all of the Big Brother newbies

Julie Chen did not hold back when talking about the newbies in the Big Brother house. Following Victor’s eviction on Thursday night’s episode, Chen spoke openly about his disastrous game in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and said exactly what we’re all thinking about the newbies on BB18.

“These newbies are just not that sharp!” Chen said when asked about why the returning veteran players were dominating the game. “At least, not the last two that exited. Victor and Jozea are naïve and too confident. Their confidence was not based on anything but their own healthy sense of self,” Chen added.

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While I don’t agree that Jozea and Victor’s cocky attitudes were in any way “healthy,” I do think that Chen hit the nail on the head with her observations here. Just about all the newbies, especially those not part of the 8-Pack, have been letting the returning players run the house. For some, like Bridgette or Nicole, laying low is proving to be a good strategy. But, for the more vocal (that is, ignorant and overconfident) players, like Victor and Paul, surrendering to the returning players is just a sure path to eviction.

Speaking of Victor specifically, Chen noted that his last-minute strategy of complete honesty was “naïve” and got him evicted. “He should have stopped blabbing the truth to everyone… especially non-allies,” Chen said before stating the truest words ever spoken: “There’s no honesty in Big Brother!”

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Chen also took the time to breakdown the BB18 team names, saying that her least favorite name by far is Team Unicorn. “You have the worst name. At best, you’re friendly and magical to 3-year-olds. At worst, you’re not real and not a threat. Go home,” she said. Ouch.

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Not only does Team Unicorn have an awful name, according to Chen, but they’re also the least powerful team in the house. Originally made up of James, Natalie, Victor and Bronte, the team is already one man down. Without any standout players, save James, it would be a shock if Team Unicorn stayed intact much longer.

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