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Everyone is desperate to create drama with Calvin Harris’ breakup song

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift’s breakup came as a shock, sure, but even more shocking was the fact that Swift has never looked happier with her new man, Tom Hiddleston, just weeks after the split.

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No one can judge Swift for her decision, in fact, we think it’s pretty awesome that she was able to take another shot at happiness, but from Harris’ perspective, well, seeing your ex move on so quickly is never fun. Which is probably why so many people were hoping that his new track “Olé” (which dropped on July 8) was written about Swift.

This week there have been a lot of rumors surrounding the track, which includes the lyrics, “Low-key, you won’t tell none of your friends about me/You won’t tell them I occupy your dreams and your thoughts…” — many believe “low-key” is reference to Hiddleston’s Thor character, Loki. But if you think that this is Harris’ revenge for the breakup, apparently you’d be mistaken.

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“People are just making assumptions to get attention for a song,” a Swift source told Us Weekly, adding, “There’s no way it could be about Tom.”

And a source close to Harris told the magazine that the song had been recorded months ago and has absolutely nothing to do with his ex, or her new man. The source also notes that it’s John Newman’s song, which Harris just features on.

Of course, some Harris fans would have liked to see him throw shade, but we think he’s far too mature for that. Plus, all signs point to Harris being a genuinely nice guy, why start acting any different now? If anything, it’s insulting to assume that Harris has nothing better to do than sit in the studio and think up ways to diss Swift. C’mon people, he’s not that bitter.

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Are you growing tired of all the rumors about Calvin Harris’ feelings towards Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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