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Norah Jones gives birth to her second baby, but who’s the dad?

Norah Jones is a very secretive person, so when it was announced earlier this week that she had welcomed her second child into the world, some fans were surprised. However, Jones’ new baby is not the only interesting thing about this announcement, because we still don’t know who the baby’s daddy is.

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In February 2016, Jones gave birth to a baby boy (whose name is yet to be revealed) with her anonymous longtime partner whose identity she has managed to keep private, although E! News notes he is a musician.

Jones, unlike many other celebrities who choose to share every intimate detail of their lives with the public, has opted to keep her private life very secret. And while no one is certain of her lover’s identity, the pair were photographed walking through Los Angeles airport along with their son in September 2014 — so we do know he is tall, fair skinned, and has brunette hair.

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And if you thought Jones’ social media accounts would give more clues, they certainly don’t. While she has posted photos of her son, she never shares any photos of his face, and there are no photos of her second child or partner.

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Thank god for subways. #carsicktoddler

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Good for you, Norah Jones, and congratulations on the birth of your second child.

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