Queen of the South‘s Teresa is every woman in the workplace

There was a time that I refused to call myself a feminist and then I joined the workforce.

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Let me start by saying that I am so fortunate to have found an empowering, inspiring and fulfilling job as a writer while in my 20s. But it wasn’t always so. I got a taste of the dark side before discovering a career that made me truly happy, and I’m reminded of those days while watching Queen of the South.

Teresa has entered a world, against her will, in order to survive. Let’s be real – in this current economy, where finding a job can be rough, that’s a sentiment we can all relate to.

Luckily, I wasn’t desperate enough that I was peddling drugs on the street. Queen of the South‘s drug trafficking career is definitely an extreme circumstance. But it’s tough out there right now, especially for women.

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Though I am sure we will see this for Teresa in the later episodes, right now that power struggle really lies on Camila’s shoulders. She is in this game against her husband, and she’s fighting against the odds in a man’s world.

What I love about Queen of the South is the show has already made it clear that Teresa will rule the land. Aka, a woman will rise to the top because she is a survivor, and she’s damn good at the drug business whether she wants to be or not.

Now, we’re just along for her ride to the top, which is sure to be well-worth the watch based on the first three episodes.

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And she’s going to rule, not because she’s a woman and not despite it, but because she’s the right person for the job. That’s a sentiment we could definitely use more of in real life.

Do you think Queen of the South is making a broader statement about women in the workplace?


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