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Paul should just start packing, the Big Brother 8-Pack is unstoppable

The biggest alliance in the Big Brother house, 8-Pack are bordering on fortune tellers at this point. Since the first day the alliance was made, and the first day in the house, the members of the 8-Pack have been able to make sure everything they’ve wanted executed was done perfectly.

Too bad for Paul, that means he’s probably next.

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In last night’s episode, we watched as Paulie won the Power of Veto, allowing him to make Paul safe, but vote in Victor as someone to be eliminated. When the house voted on whether they wanted Victor or Bronte to leave the house, they almost unanimously picked Victor with a 9 to 1 vote.

Paul was the only one who voted for Bronte, presumably because he thinks he’s being loyal to the right people.

Too bad for Paul that he’s most certainly going to be the next victim of the 8-Pack’s voting. And based on the luck they’ve had so far, he’s all but home already. He should probably start packing his things and forget about strategizing with any of the other contestants. It’ll make things easier for everyone.

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The one interesting thing about the next elimination is it will bring the house down to 8 people, meaning the 8-Pack’s reign of loyalty will end and each player will start to work toward what’s best for him/her. The backstabbing is about to get serious.

As Big Brother host Julie Chen reminded us, the first five players who have been evicted will be able to compete for a chance to return to the house. For that, Victor vows to play it a little differently and keep his strategies closer to himself.

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And really, that’s the best thing he can do. He didn’t leave a legacy of smart choices during his time in the house. Keeping quieter wouldn’t have saved him from elimination, but it certainly didn’t help him win friends.

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