I love the equality in the Bates family on Bringing Up Bates

It’s amazing to me that, despite the fact the Bates family having 19 kids, the whole family still manages to personalize each relationship with each child.

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Before watching Bringing Up Bates, I probably would have said that the worst part of being in a family that big would be the kids getting lost in the shuffle. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for the Bates family at all.

In fact, Lawson Bates even addressed it on the show tonight while talking about his younger sister Addallee.

“I have 18 siblings, of course, and a lot of times people are like, ‘Man, how do you even remember who’s who?'” Lawson explained, “But just even the thought of one of them not being here is just so, so unthinkable because each person is so special in their own way and means so much to all of us. I can’t imagine what life would be like without Addallee.”

Addallee was the topic of much conversation tonight as the family shared the scary story of how she stopped breathing for about 8 minutes when she was just a baby. All the family could do was hope and pray until the fire department arrived while Gil performed CPR.

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This episode definitely put into perspective, once again, just how important and valued each and every member of the Bates family really is. They all take the time to make sure each family member feels special and supported. We’ve seen throughout the episodes that some siblings are the best of friends, like Trace and Jeb and Michaela and Callie. Those special relationships only seem to serve as added reinforcement that every family member has an important place within the Bates clan.

The Bates family is most often compared to the Duggars, and the Duggars have received their fair share of criticism and accusations of sexist behavior. But even though the Bates family has similar religious and moral values as the Duggars, there is no way you could ever accuse the Bates family of gender discrimination if you watch the show. They all love and appreciate every member of the family and support their life goals, no matter what those goals may be.

I love watching the family interact together because, even though sometimes it’s a struggle, they still all take the time to make sure each opinion is heard. That’s no small feat when you have 21 people, plus spouses and grandkids, making noise at once.

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Patience is a virtue, but it isn’t even patience that gets that Bates family through their time together. They genuinely enjoy spending time with one another no matter how hectic things may get, and that enjoyment and contentment are definitely worth aspiring to within our own families.

Are you impressed with the way the Bates family individualizes each member?


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