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Farrah Abraham is livid with Dr. Drew — and for good reason

It doesn’t take much to piss off Farrah Abraham. She’s starred in enough reality shows to prove that she goes from zero to 100 if she even thinks someone is being rude to her. So it’s no surprise that after hearing that Dr. Drew said he’d strangle her, she’s not happy at all.

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Dr. Drew was a guest on Theo Von’s podcast Allegedly when the hosts asked who, out of all the Teen Mom women, he would strangle if he could. The answer he gave was Abraham.

On the podcast, he said, “Sorry, Farrah. She’s not awful. She’s frustrating. She’s not awful. She suffers. I feel bad for her a lot. But she can be very frustrating.”

After hearing Dr. Drew’s answer, Abraham talked to Radar Online about her feelings. She said, “I know [sic] longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor. As well I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic].”

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While I don’t think that Dr. Drew would actually strangle her in any situation, I do side with Abraham on this one. As a medical professional, Dr. Drew shouldn’t be voicing his opinion on any of the people he works with. Obviously, Dr. Drew is in a weird situation because he is as much a celebrity who needs to stay relevant as he is a doctor. Being a guest on a comedy podcast isn’t something that happens to his peers. But if Dr. Drew is going to offer advice as a doctor, he should behave like one.

Abraham has every right to call him out for his lapse in judgment. She would certainly benefit from the help he can provide, but if seeking that help means he’s going to call her names on a podcast, then she definitely needs to cut him out of her life.

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With that said, I definitely don’t blame Dr. Drew for calling Abraham frustrating. I think we can all agree that she has made some less-than-ideal choices and has super frustrating reactions. However, calling that out on a podcast just wasn’t a professional choice.

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