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Are the RHONY ladies right about LuAnn — or are they just jealous and petty?

If you’re wondering what LuAnn de Lesseps’ latest blog post for Bravo is about, all you really have to do is watch last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York — it’s a whole lotta Tom.

The only difference between her blog post and the show is that the blog post has, in black and white, exactly what everyone knew de Lesseps was thinking: “I think they are jealous that I found my soul mate and that I’m getting married.”

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She is, of course, referring to all the other ladies of RHONY who have aired their grievances — and annoyance — over de Lesseps’ whirlwind romance with Tom D’Agostino, which she can’t stop blabbering about.

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De Lesseps also went into more detail on her blog post about why she got all up in Ramona Singer’s grill over the two-faced business that has been going on this season.

“Confronting Ramona over what she said about me and my relationship with Tom was necessary to preserve our friendship,” wrote de Lesseps. “I would rather hash it out in person than talk behind her back, so that was what I did. I know that I may have seemed harsh when I called the girls bitches but that was how they were acting towards me except for Carole who surprised me with her kind words… I expect my friends to defend me and to be happy for me (and not gossip about me behind my back).”

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Honestly, we can’t say we blame de Lesseps for being mad about Singer’s shenanigans, but it’s also obvious that de Lesseps’ constant talk about her relationship with D’Agostino is beyond annoying.

Now, my roommate and I in college had a rule of thumb: If we had a friend who constantly talked about all the awesome sex they were having, in reality, that friend wasn’t really getting any. It’s kind of like the old adage that if you have to talk about how much money you have, you probably aren’t that rich.

That’s not to say de Lesseps isn’t really head-over-heels in love with D’Agostino. However, it almost seems like a red flag at this point that she feels she needs to announce her bliss every five seconds. Like, is your relationship really that great if it seems like you are always trying to convince everyone — and yourself — of how wonderful it is?

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LuAnn, we get it, you’re in love — and we’re happy for you. But if you keep hitting everyone over the head with it, you’re bound to get hit back with some drama and smack talk. This is The Real Housewives of New York, after all.

What do you think? Are the RHONY ladies just jealous of LuAnn de Lesseps?

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