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JoJo spotted near Bachelor in Paradise: Was The Bachelorette not enough?

Um, spoiler alert! JoJo’s latest vacation is starting to make us think that she might not give a final rose after all on this season of The Bachelorette.

According to In Touch, JoJo was seen in Mexico in late June — in exactly the same area where Bachelor in Paradise is being filmed.

“JoJo was at the Grand Luxxe [in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico],” a hotel guest told In Touch. “The contestants were staying at Hotel Playa Escondida in nearby Sayulita, but they had their dates and Fantasy Suite nights at our hotel, the Grand Luxxe.”

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“It was strange that JoJo was there since she’s supposed to be engaged!” the In Touch source added.

Strange, indeed.

Being that she was at the Grand Luxxe after filming wrapped on her season of The Bachelorette and during filming of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s not a huge leap to assume that JoJo was in town to film with the Bachelor in Paradise crew — that is, if this source is reliable and even really saw her in Mexico. But there’s also the possibility that JoJo was just visiting friends and laying low at a super posh resort to stay out of the public eye now that her season is airing.

So, what gives? Did JoJo just ditch her Bachelorette guys to hook up on Bachelor in Paradise? Honestly, we really couldn’t blame her at this point. With suitors like Chad and Alex, it’s not hard to believe that JoJo jumped ship and ran for greener pastures — or a beach in Mexico.

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There’s already been tons of rumors about several engagements on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, so if JoJo really is there to fall in love and not just visit, she might actually be in luck.

What do you think? Did JoJo pass on all The Bachelorette guys for some Bachelor in Paradise action?

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