Leonardo DiCaprio's new GF is No. 9 for 2016 but come on, they're not serious

Jul 7, 2016 at 12:53 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

In what is feeling like an endless list of models linked to the actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Nina Agdal. But she's just one in a long list of ladies for 2016, alone. Is DiCaprio going to be a Hollywood bachelor for life?

In the extended Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that is Leonardo DiCaprio's impressive love life, there's a never-ending parade of identikit, stunning models constantly rumored to be cozying up to the Oscar-winning actor. We're only halfway through the year and already DiCaprio has been linked to no less than eight outstanding physical specimens of women, and they're just the ones that the press has been privy to.

By this point in time, reporting that DiCaprio has been seen smooching up to a model is about as surprising as stating that grass is still green or that the moon is still orbiting around the Earth. The only surprising news which could ever come from the actors love life would be to hear that he's locked down his Lothario ways to actually commit to one of the various women who appear on his never-ending conveyor belt of romance. Which begs the question, will DiCaprio remain a bachelor forever?

It's hard to imagine him ever wanting to discard the all-you-can-date buffet of beautiful women that he's continuously being linked to in favor of settling down and committing to just the one. Since June, for instance, he's been linked to Victoria's Secret model Nina Agdal, with Us Weekly reporting on Thursday morning that sources have confirmed them to be officially dating (FYI: They're also keeping their relationship "casual". Of course).

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Prior to Agdal, however, DiCaprio has also been rumored to be dating Rihanna, partying with Georgia Fowler at Cannes and celebrating his Oscar win by allegedly spending the night with British reality star Lauren Hutton. And that's only a small sample size of the ladies he's been rumored to have romanced in 2016. At the end of 2015, there were even rumors that he was dating, and apparently almost getting engaged to, Sports Illustrated model Kelly Rohrbach (which, by all accounts, didn't seem to last as the couple were reported as having split at the start of 2016).

DiCaprio's fondness for statuesque, physically stunning women has been a benchmark of his celebrity since the beginning of his long career. Among countless other beauties that he's been linked to, the actor has dated Bar Refaeli (who is possibly one of his longest and most committed attempts at settling down with someone) and has also enjoyed alleged party flings with models like Naomi Campbell and Natasha Henstridge back in the '90s. But DiCaprio is now in his early 40's, and though he'll certainly not receive any judgement from me on enjoying bachelor life for as long as he possibly can, there's still something terribly unbecoming about continuing to pursue women in their 20's when he continues to age beyond that. At this point he's basically becoming Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed And Confused, leaning smugly at the back of a Hollywood party and quipping, "This is what I love about supermodels, man, I get older but they stay the same age".

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And all age-appropriate finger wagging aside, DiCaprio's apparent attraction to women who have yet to hurtle past the wise age of 30 seems only to confirm one thing: that he's still enjoying his party-loving, lady-fest of a lifestyle far too much to ever find someone who can satisfy him to the point of actually settling down. But is there truly anything wrong with that? Surely not a single one of these models that he's constantly being linked to is naive enough to believe that their particular dalliance with the actor will be any different to the rest. After all, one does not simply march into Leonardo DiCaprio's bed and expect to come out with a gigantic, sparkling diamond and a lifetime of commitment after it. Instead, a love affair with DiCaprio is as fast-changing and temporary as a piece of couture on a catwalk; you might be associated with it but ultimately all models know that they'll never be leaving with the piece.

So, honestly, let's just call it right now and be done with it; DiCaprio will be a Hollywood bachelor for life, still partying on yachts with supermodels and getting papped chatting up starlets long into his golden years. And why not? It's a lifestyle which has seemed to work out just fine for a man like Jack Nicholson, who despite enjoying long-term relationships with women like Anjelica Huston and Lara Flynn Boyle, is still single and by all accounts, loving it. He even managed to successfully flirt with Jennifer Lawrence on camera at the Oscars back in 2013, for goodness sake. Can we not all foresee the same destiny for DiCaprio?

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So long as there are models who are still merrily capable of being enamored by the handsome, rich and talented actor, then is it really doing any harm? What we should all be doing instead is being constructive with DiCaprio's love life and creating fun games of supermodel bingo that we can all play out in predicting which bevvies of beauties will be next on his hit list. And in the immortal words of Blackstreet's "No Diggity": Play on, player.