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Debbie Rowe’s cancer may help her & Paris Jackson mend their relationship

Earlier this week there were reports claiming that Paris Jackson’s mother, Debbie Rowe, had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was expected to face it alone, without the support of her daughter.

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Jackson and Rowe have a volatile relationship, and had reportedly cut ties for more than a year, but the news of Jackson’s mother’s illness may have already made an impact on their relationship, because according to TMZ, Jackson has since contacted Rowe (and sent her a very loving message).

According to the gossip site, Jackson family sources revealed that Paris had reached out to Rowe, and sent her a text message which read, “I love you.” And this could be what the two women needed to reconcile, because they reportedly have plans to meet up after Rowe’s surgery — which is expected to take place within the next week.

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An Us Weekly source echoed these sentiments, telling the magazine that Rowe and Paris had “stayed in touch but just haven’t been as close.” But perhaps that is all about to change if Rowe’s health troubles serve as the wake up call that both women needed, to realize the importance of family.

As for Rowe, she recently confirmed her diagnosis during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I’m a fighter and always have been.”

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Are you pleased to hear that Paris Jackson has reconnected with her mother? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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