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Oh come on, when would Taylor Swift have had the time to get a boob job?

The last few weeks have seen a pretty big change in the boyfriend department for Taylor Swift, but is that the only change she’s made to her life recently?

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Fans are convinced that she’s altered her appearance, too, and we’re not just talking a new hairdo and an interesting shade of lipstick here. Nope, the internet thinks Swift has gone and gotten a boob job.

After photos of her rocking a bikini during her Fourth of July party emerged — including an incredibly flattering “America” bikini top from Forever 21, which comes with removable cups — multiple fans took to social media to tweet about Swift’s seemingly larger breasts.

But did Swift really go under the knife?

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Nope, according to E! News a source has confirmed that all reports about a boob job are completely false, adding that Swift has “always liked her breasts.”

The insider also shared a little too much information, saying, she “likes the fact she can go bra-less and have them still be perky.”

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OK y’all, can we put an end to the Taylor Swift boob job rumors now? Plus, here’s the biggest question: when would Swift have even had a chance to get a breast enlargement? We’ve basically seen pictures of her and Tom Hiddleston every day since they hooked up, and let’s get real, this type of surgery is going to take way more than a couple of days to heal.

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