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Da’Vonne really shouldn’t talk about loyalty while she’s in the Big Brother house

Loyalty is a huge buzz word inside the Big Brother house. It seems like every conversation that happens in the house is someone trying to convince others that they are always loyal and will make sure that whatever plan they are hatching at the time is done. No one is more likely to claim loyalty than Da’Vonne.

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The problem, of course, is that you can’t be loyal to everyone, especially not when people are voting to evict each other.

Da’Vonne is a strong member of the 8-Pack, the strongest alliance in the house so far, but since the beginning she’s toed the line between alliances. While Jozea was still in the house, he thought she was on her side. And if tonight’s actions are any indication, she definitely would have voted to keep him in the house had the majority swung the other way.

During the competition in tonight’s episode, Da’Vonne got upset with Tiffany, another member of the 8-Pack, and started musing that it wouldn’t be so bad if she did leave the house. She was thinking that maybe Tiffany could be replaced by Paulie in the alliance and having her evicted wouldn’t be that devastating to their power in the house. I get that she was upset, but she definitely showed her true colors pretty immediately.

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So, I guess it isn’t fair to say she’s not loyal, it’s just that she’s only loyal to herself. Which, in a game like Big Brother, is exactly how she should be acting, but at this point she should just own it.

Obviously she can’t come outright and say that she’ll do whatever she needs to do to stay in the house until the very end, but the least she could do is stop claiming to be the most loyal person.

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