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Red alert: Prince Harry did something cute with a baby

That old stereotype of politicians kissing babies to get ahead apparently doesn’t apply to royals. Prince Harry was in Wigan, England, this week, according to Woman’s Day, and he turned down an age-old golden photo op to kiss a baby. But don’t worry, he had a good reason.

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The site reports that a mother asked Harry to plant one on her daughter. Harry refused — honestly, likely for health and safety reasons — but turned it into a lesson in adorable politeness. “You don’t want a kiss from me because then you’ll cry won’t you?” he apparently asked the baby. I’ll say it: Awww!

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Harry explained to the mother, “You never know with kids that’s the thing, she starts crying then you know…” and the mother finished his thought, “It looks bad.” It’s not quite the PR nightmares we deal with in American politics, but there is something hilarious about Prince Harry making a baby burst into tears. We understand the urge to avoid it. (And also to avoid getting close to a crying, germy baby.)

The baby wasn’t the only Brit denied a kiss from their prince this week. Woman’s Day reports that an “eager fan” asked Harry for a kiss and he instead got a handshake. We guess he’s saving those coveted lips for, say, Pippa Middleton.

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