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Hank’s Royal Pains fate was kinda predictable — but totally satisfying

That’s an official wrap. After eight wonderful seasons, Royal Pains closed its book Wednesday. It was definitely bittersweet, but the series finale did not disappoint. Basically, everyone got their happy ending, including Hank. It’s about time, right?

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All season long, Hank’s future has been up in the air. Would he stay in The Hamptons? Would he end up in the ER at Hamptons Heritage? Would he leave HankMed? Would he end up with Jill? Would he end up alone? The questions were endless, but he finally made a decision — and the right one at that.

After a lot of thought, Hank came to the conclusion that he was ready for another adventure, but one he didn’t want to spend alone. That’s right, he flew across the world to be with Jill and start the next chapter of his life with the woman he basically fell in love with his first day in the Hamptons. I know, predictable and what most fans probably expected, but still oh, so perfect.

For me, Jill and Hank have always been endgame, so to see them reunite made me cry tears of joy. Despite leaving the place he called home for so many years and “putting HankMed to bed,” Evan pointed out something to his brother. That is, HankMed is never really over, because it will always be there wherever Hank is. “It’s a calling,” Evan said to Hank. “Your calling. One you’ll answer wherever you are at any given moment. HankMed will continue, uninterrupted.” Well said, Evan. Well said.

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In the end, not only did Jill and Hank finally get back together, but the final minutes of the series finale jumped three years into the future. In addition to getting engaged, Hank and Jill now call the Hamptons their summer getaway. It’s no longer their official home, but they have one another and still have family to visit, including Paige, Evan and their five kids.

That’s right, I said five kids. They ended up having twin boys, but remember Lena and her two brothers from the beginning of Season 8? Rather than letting the foster system separate them, Evan and Paige took them in. At first, they were going to act as temporary foster parents, but clearly they changed their minds and now they are all one, big happy family.

Oh, and Evan ended up quitting HankMed to focus on his family and the hospital. But it’s all good, because Boris also left Shadow Pond to Evan. Can you believe it? Evan finally got what he’s wanted since Episode 1.

As for the other beloved Royal Pains characters? Divya got into Johns Hopkins — finally — and is still working with HankMed. Eddie and Ms. Newberg continued to be happily married. It’s unclear if Jeremiah ended up with the author, but I’m going to assume he’s happy and he’s still in the Hamptons working with HankMed. Most importantly, Jeremiah’s journey since day one is what fans should remember. He even credited Divya for his transformation. During his goodbye speech to her, he said, “Well, look at me now.”

Of course, I can’t forget about Boris. He left the Hamptons for good to be with his family and avoid the Russian oligarchs who were trying to get him to take his rightful place as Russian royalty. That’s right, Boris is Russian royalty, because of course he is. As he told Hank, he’ll take on that task on his own terms. Also, Boris’ goodbye speech to Hank couldn’t have been more beautiful. He even called Hank family. Talk about a proper farewell, Boris.

So, not only did Hank find his happy ending (and even ended up playing basketball again, which is a callback to the first episode’s basketball game that changed everything for Hank), but so did everyone else. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic series.

Royal Pains, you’ll be missed, but thank you for making me feel so much better today — and every other day of the week.

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