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We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry over the latest Bachelorette feud

Oh, Alex. Chad got the boot from The Bachelorette weeks ago — why the heck are you even still stooping down to his level? Or maybe a better question is why did ABC hook our beloved JoJo up with all these D-bags?

You’d think that since the world has come to know Chad as an aggressive, crazy person that Alex would be able to let his issues with him — issues that started out on day one in the house — fade. You know, be the bigger man and let it go, right?

Well, Alex made it well known on Twitter recently that old Bachelorette beefs run deep, especially when there’s milk involved.

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In a not-so-subtle nod to when Chad told him to basically have a glass of milk and calm the heck down, Alex posted a video of himself pouring milk down the drain.

Not sure if this was supposed to be funny or intimidating, but Alex failed on both accounts.

Of course, because you know damn well he is constantly trolling Twitter for anything and everything written about him, Chad was not about to let Alex’s tweet slide.

Alex, who was most likely aggressively refreshing his Twitter page in eager anticipation of a notification that Chad had remarked on his post, tweeted back with a response that was just as un-funny and un-intimdating as his original tweet.

You can only imagine where the conversation went from there.

The worst part about Alex’s original tweet in this thread? The fact that he claims to be an active duty Marine on Instagram and is airing his petty grievances with Chad publicly in his military uniform. Seems kind of disrespectful, if you ask us.

There’s also something to be said for Chad’s outrageousness. He knows he’s being a big ol’ jerk and he embraces it. Not that we condone Chad’s behavior and attitude in any way, but all the passive-aggressive BS is not a good color on Alex — or anyone for that matter.

Who do you think comes out looking worse in the Alex/Chad beef?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

'bachelorette contestants slideshow
Image: ABC

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