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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s last night alive was, sadly, lived in despair

As if Bobbi Kristina Brown’s story wasn’t already awful enough, new statements from Brown’s close friend and former roommate paint her last night alive as even more sad than we might have thought.

Max Lomas, who found Brown facedown in a bathtub on the evening of Jan. 31, 2015, says that Brown and her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, had been in heated arguments on the night her fatal injuries occurred because Brown suspected that Gordon had cheated on her with strippers at a strip club, according to People magazine.

“Things were shaky. They were just trying to stay out of each other’s way,” Lomas said to People in a recent interview, adding that Brown and Gordon’s relationship had already been rocky before that night.

Lomas has also made statements to Radar Online that he witnessed Gordon beating Brown on the night in question.

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Lomas claims that he was out with Gordon when Brown called and accused Gordon of cheating on her with strippers. Gordon and Lomas headed home immediately after Brown placed her call.

“They were arguing the whole way home. We get home and she is just sitting there on the ground all delusional… just in her own little world,” said Lomas, adding that things escalated when he and Gordon noticed two empty bottles of wine and evidence that someone else had been in the home with Brown.

The argument eventually cooled off and the couple headed upstairs, according to Lomas. It was the last time he saw Brown conscious.

Lomas’ statements don’t bode very well for Gordon, considering an explosive argument and cheating accusations against him definitely provide for a perfect motive to do harm to Brown on the night of her accident.

Gordon’s camp denies Lomas’ accusations and described Lomas as a drug addict in a statement to People. Lomas has admitted to doing drugs the night he found Brown in the bathtub.

Most people on the outside looking in feel that Gordon’s behavior and past statements about Brown are shady at the very least, and Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, agrees.

He knows what happened,” Bobby said of Gordon in June 2016. “I don’t know what happened that night. But he does.”

Bobbi Kristina’s estate has sued Gordon for $40 million in a wrongful death suit, alleging that after he beat her, he gave her a toxic cocktail of drugs that knocked her out and contributed to her death.

If Lomas’ account of Brown’s last night alive is accurate, it’s devastating to think that her last moments were spent in worry and despair about her broken relationship.

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