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Kendall Jenner & Jordan Clarkson won’t be putting on any PDA any time soon

Kendall Jenner’s love life is always going to create headlines, but what is really happening with her and reported new romantic interest Jordan Clarkson?

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Well, we may finally have our answer as a source recently told E! News that the pair, who have been spending quite a bit of time together recently, are more than just friends. But don’t expect to see any official relationship announcement any time soon, because they’re only “casually dating.”

The source revealed that things between Jenner and Clarkson are very laid back, adding that it’s “not anything very serious.”

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A second source also weighed in on the relationship, telling the publication that neither Jenner nor Clarkson are looking for a relationship right now and are just hanging out when they find themselves in the same city — much like this weekend, when the pair celebrated Fourth of July in a Malibu home.

While there does appear to be a photo of the pair together, you won’t be seeing any PDA photos because another source told E! News that they’re keeping things between them “on the down-low in public” — as proven by their recent outing to Nobu restaurant, where an eye witness claimed they did not seem to be flirty towards each other.

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Actually, does that really answer our questions about what’s happening between Jenner and Clarkson? We’re not so sure.

But what do you think? Would Jordan Clarkson make a great match for Kendall Jenner? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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