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Brandi Glanville definitely shouldn’t mix wine and Twitter in the future

Brandi Glanville is nothing if not outspoken. She never shies away from a confrontation when she’s face to face with someone, so it makes sense that her Twitter profile is full of tweets targeted at people she’s unhappy with. The latest victim was one of her unnamed exes.

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Glanville, who is best known as the one in the middle of all the drama while she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, posted a picture of her backside in a thong to Twitter with the caption “Dear asshole this is no longer yours bye” with a broken heart emoji.

Right before her controversial picture, she admitted that she wasn’t exactly sober. Glanville said, “This a semi drunken decision but I’ve decided no more group dates,late night calls or pretending I’m not ur girl… because I’m not anymore [sic].”

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say Glanville might regret her nearly naked photo; I doubt that Glanville regrets much of anything she says or does for better or worse. But it did help drive home the notion that you shouldn’t sign on to any social media account after a few drinks. It takes the embarrassment of a drunken text to an entirely new level.

On the other hand, it is refreshing that Glanville has no shame for the way she feels or what she shows to the world. Not many people can be so unabashedly themselves no matter what situation they’re in. She was herself when she was fighting with Lisa Vanderpump, she’s herself when she talks about her ex-husband and she’s herself on Twitter after a few drinks. If she still believes everything she says and showed, I say more power to her.

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Glanville is currently on the premiere season of Famously Single, where she’s trying to learn how she can stop getting into unhealthy relationships. It seems like she’s still got a few things to learn along with the no drinking and tweeting rule.

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