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I’ve got a favorite on America’s Got Talent — hint, she can sing

Normally, I’m not a big fan of singing on America’s Got Talent, but this season has changed my mind — the singers are dominating! Tonight was no exception, and arguably, the singer in the spotlight was the cherry on top of an already excellent round of auditions.

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Moya Angela is one of the best singers the show has ever had, and given its long history, that’s quite the compliment. Sadly, she suffers from major self-doubt. She really needed a good response on America’s Got Talent, and while she got the standing ovation she deserved, the golden buzzer would have delivered an even greater boost of confidence. Sadly, none of the judges opted for the buzzer.

Moya Angela
Image: NBC

With or without the buzzer, things look good for Angela going forward. She received plenty of praise from the judges, who were impressed by her powerful voice and stage presence. The notoriously picky Simon Cowell even told Angela, “That’s what we call a singer.”

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Twitter users echoed the judges’ praise, but they also shared their disappointment regarding the buzzer’s non-appearance.

Given the range of talent on America’s Got Talent and the varying preferences of the judges (and of Nick Cannon), it’s impossible for every great contestant to get the golden buzzer. I don’t envy the judges; it can’t be easy to decide which acts are good enough for simple praise and which are awe-inspiring enough to get the additional distinction of the buzzer. Sometimes, the judges are reluctantly forced to abstain in hopes that something even better might arrive.

Moya Angela
Image: NBC

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Thankfully, Angela is talented enough to make it far in this competition without the buzzer’s help. I can’t wait to see — and hear — more of her as the competition continues.

Do you think Moya Angela deserved the golden buzzer? Comment and share your opinion below.

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