Brielle Zolciak-Biermann has a hot new baseball player in her life

There’s a new man in Brielle Zolciak-Biermann’s life and he’s super cute. Brielle, who is the oldest daughter of reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, posted a picture to her Instagram with her baseball player boyfriend, Michael Kopech.

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so this is what it's really like…❤️

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Kopech is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and is hitting home runs with Brielle off the field. Although he’s only 20, he’s already been playing professionally for two years. Kopech was the 33rd pick in the first round of the 2014 player draft, so it’s safe to say Brielle definitely knows how to pick them!

The caption of the photo that confirmed their relationship said, “So this is what it’s really like…” along with a red heart emoji — a sign of a serious relationship.

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According to reports from TMZ, the couple has been together since March, with Brielle visiting him in Virginia in the off-season from her home in Atlanta. It’s just been recently, though, that the two have begun flooding their social media profiles with pictures of each other. Their most affectionate posts definitely happen on Snapchat, so if you want to see young love in its prime, you should definitely follow both of them on Snapchat.

Before she started falling for Kopech, Brielle dated Slade Osborne for over a year. Osborne was seen on Don’t Be Tardy, the reality show that features Kim, Brielle and their entire family. But Osborne was abruptly cut from the show. All that Brielle said at the time was, “He’s not the man I thought he was, and as a result, my entire family and myself are disappointed.”

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By the looks of Brielle and Kopech’s pictures and loving captions, this relationship is going to be a much better experience for both of them. We’ll have to wait and see what Kim has to say about the new guy, but I’m sure she’s a fan.