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Can Zoo‘s Logan be trusted or is he a predator, too?

Following the amped-up two-hour premiere last week of CBSZoo, fans knew they would be in for a wild ride this season. And judging by this week’s episode, it’s not just an animal uprising of apocalyptic proportions our heroes have to worry about.

More than ever, it’s clear Jackson, Jamie, Abe, Chloe, Mitch and, now, group newbie Dariela have to watch their backs for predatory people as well. Just ask Dariela — she did just witness a general shoot one of his own soldiers at point-blank range.

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Of course, at least most of the crew is still intact and have each other’s back. The one team member hoofing it around the icy Canadian wilderness entirely alone right now is Jamie, so it stands to reason an animal attack could be imminent. The rest of the crew is painfully aware of this (particularly Mitch) and they are accordingly worried Jamie will fall victim to some beast before they make it back.

We have to clarify, though, right? Jamie isn’t actually entirely alone.

As she was wandering around the freezing terrain of the remote wilderness in which she found herself after fleeing from the cabin, Jamie came across another human being. Oh, you know, nothing to see here, folks — just some random dude walking around the woods currently teeming with animals trying to overthrow the human race.

Jamie is understandably wary, but after the two weather the woods together for a bit, she seems to let her guard down a bit. When the handsome wayfarer who materialized out of thin air expresses concern they might die out there, she reassures him they won’t. They are headed for the potential safe harbor of Caraquet.

Cut to tonight’s episode, as Jamie’s spidey senses start to tingle and she realizes she knows nothing about this guy and how he wound up here. So, she asks him.

According to him, he is a pilot who used to fly rich guys up into the woods on hunting expeditions. The bag he’s carrying that is noticeably without a coat or any proper gear? Filled with his life savings, he says — he and his girlfriend, who was apparently eaten by wolves, didn’t trust banks.

Mmm hmm. Very curious, indeed.

Being the clever little minx she is, Jamie uses her bum foot as a diversion and sends Logan ahead so she can scope out his bag. And that’s when (cue the dramatic music) she finds a bunch of pictures of herself, when she was back at the cabin.

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She manages to play it cool when he returns, but she’s spooked. Who wouldn’t be, right? She somehow manages to dupe him into leaving her alone again long enough to escape the little shelter they found, but he catches up to her quickly.

His story? Yeah, it changes. Now he says his piloting gave him a glimpse of the leopard cub she was tending to and he was going to sell it on the black market or something. It was purely coincidental, he said. He has no idea who she is, he said.

Likely story, bub. Is it just me or is something off about this guy?

Is he easy on the eyes? Well, yes. Yes, he is. But I’m just not buying his story. Or should I say stories? It seems far too strange that he just happened to run into the very woman his creeper-status bag is filled with pictures of.

So what is his story then? It doesn’t seem like he is out to kill Jamie, ’cause heaven knows he’s had plenty of opportunities for that in the isolated Canadian wilderness. Not to mention, the episode ends with him handing her a loaded gun — which may or may not have discharged, sending a stray bullet into him — while she looks on as he chops her toe off with an ax.

If he isn’t out to harm her, though, could he be out to apprehend her? His intentions could still certainly be nefarious.

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For that matter, it’s possible he could have been riding in the cop car that Jamie stumbled upon when she first fled the cabin.

As for the other alternative, well, it’s not completely implausible that he was sent there by someone to find and/or protect Jamie. Obviously we know it isn’t anyone from Jackson’s crew, which begs the big question: Who is out to get Jamie, and are they good or bad?

What do you think? Is Logan trustworthy?

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