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I’m feeling less patriotic after tonight’s episode of Below Deck Med

Like hundreds of millions of Americans, I spent yesterday paying homage to this great nation — and enjoying the most delicious bratwursts and root beer floats imaginable. While watching the obligatory Fourth of July fireworks among a diverse crowd of Americans, I felt very patriotic.

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Sadly, those feelings died down quickly when I watched Below Deck Med. The charter guests featured during tonight’s episode were the most cringeworthy I’ve seen all season — and the exact reason so many people think ill of Americans. They were rude, drunk, loud and just obnoxious in general. Their terrible behavior clearly took its toll on poor Hannah Ferrier, who found it difficult to keep a smile on her face while being pelted with snide remarks. I don’t blame her; I would have been furious.

Hannah Ferrier
Image: Bravo

There’s always the chance that the guests were playing it up for the cameras, but I suspect that they genuinely are annoying, entitled people. I think their behavior was obnoxious in and of itself, but what makes it worse is knowing that they lent credence to the many unfortunate stereotypes that surround American travelers.

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I’ve talked with a lot of people from all around the world about Americans, and their responses, while cautiously optimistic, have largely been negative. My international friends speak highly of American warmth and positivity, but they also think that we’re loud, brazen and often annoying. These views are typically tempered by spending time with nice, normal Americans, but it can be tough to get past a lifetime of ingrained stereotypes. People like the difficult guests on Below Deck Med certainly don’t help matters.

Below Deck: Med
Image: Bravo

I was by no means the only person bummed out by the guests’ behavior. Several annoyed Twitter users also expressed their displeasure.

Annoying guests make Below Deck Med interesting, but with this particular group, the televised timing could not have been worse. Watching such terrible behavior would make me uncomfortable under any circumstances, but it’s that much worse on the July 5. I can’t wait to return to the show’s typical guests and its typical spats between crew members.

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What did you think of the rude Americans featured on tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Below Deck Med slideshow
Image: Bravo

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