Everyone needs to jump on the #TeamCiara bandwagon — because feminism

It will surprise nobody to hear that Ciara and Future are once again at odds in the press. Ever since the two split following the birth of their son, Future Zahir Wilburn, in 2014, their rocky relationship has been making headlines in tabloids and on celebrity blogs. All the back and forth finally came to a head when Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against her ex for defamation and slander earlier this year. Future then filed a countersuit, which he later dismissed, and has since filed a motion to dismiss Ciara’s case. And, while the court case has been moving forward largely out of the public eye, new court documents reveal details of Future’s relationship with Ciara and one thing is clear: We all need to be #TeamCiara.

While a lot of the buzz surrounding Ciara and her ex is currently about a TMZ report claiming Ciara is worried Future was threatening to kill her now-fiancé Russell Wilson, the release of sections from Future’s deposition in the lawsuit have also made waves. And, boy, do those depositions shine a new light on the situation. In the deposition, Future fails to prove any validity to his claims on Twitter and even admits that he does not care if his wild accusations negatively impacted her career. When asked whether he cares if his public accusations caused Ciara to lose a business deal, Future answered, “Uh — not at all.”

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Ciara’s lawsuit was prompted by a series of tweets posted by Future, in which he claimed that he was paying her $15,000 a month in child support and that she was keeping their son from him. “This bitch got control problems… I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture… the f***ery for 15K a month. I jus want babyfuture that’s all [sic],” Future wrote in January. At the time, the public believed him. Ciara didn’t officially contradict his claims, and by the time she filed her lawsuit, most fans had already chosen sides.

Those fans who so eagerly came to Future’s defense might be changing their tune in light of the deposition release. When asked about the meaning of his “f***ery for 15K a month” tweet, Future admitted that he never actually paid that amount to Ciara (it also appears that she never asked for it). “15K a month is for the child support that she — uh, I felt like she wanted to request that I was, uh — she felt like she would be granted 15K or better — or more,” Future said, according to the court documents.

The court document also claims that Future would frequently request to change a date in visitation without regard for Ciara’s schedule, and if she couldn’t accommodate him, he would become angry. “On the few occasions that Defendant [Future] actually wanted to spend time with their son, Defendant admitted that he would simply check his personal schedule and randomly demand several days of visitation with no regard and no consideration of Plaintiff’s [Ciara] schedule, as if Plaintiff does not have a career as well,” reads the complaint.

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So, why did Future go out of his way to tweet allegations that he was paying Ciara $15,000 per month in child support and that she was keeping their son away from him? Aside from appearing vindictive, the fact that the tweet was an outright lie suggests that Future was actively trying to control the story in the media. Throughout the court document, Future appears arrogant and, quite frankly, utterly clueless. It’s clear he has no regard for his ex, nor does he appear to be acting in his child’s best interest. What he is doing is exerting his power. Really, it’s not Ciara who has control problems, it’s Future. Need proof? Well, after his deposition surfaced online and fans began turning against him, Future tweeted this: “Wish everyone could move on like me… that’s my only wish.”

Yes, you heard that right — Future wants us all to move on like he has, you know, when he’s not busy trashing his ex on Twitter or referencing her in song. Now, if you’re thinking that surely Future hasn’t written about Ciara in his recent releases, you’re wrong. Just last week, Future and DJ Esco released “Juice,” in which Future raps, “Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.” While Future did not name Ciara in his verse, most media outlets assumed he was talking about Ciara’s fiancé — an allegation Future has not denied. For a man who says he’s moved on, Future seems awfully preoccupied with his ex.

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Future’s apparent need to control Ciara might explain his objectionable tweets, but what explains the public’s willingness to believe him? In our patriarchal society it’s easy to believe a man when he says that an ex is holding a child hostage for money. It fits the narrative we’ve built up and maintained, specifically when it comes to celebrities, that women are gold-diggers and men are victims. Instead of criticizing Ciara for taking her ex to court, maybe we should see her move for what it is: an empowering action against a man trying to control her.

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