If American Gothic is pulled from a real case, Tom is for sure the killer

If you’re into CBS’ summer murder mystery drama, American Gothic, then you’re probably dying (not literally, of course) to know the identity behind the Silver Bells Killer. Well, I may have just figured it out for you, so if you want to remain in the dark, then read no further.

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For those unaware, American Gothic appears to be inspired by a real-life serial killer. Executive producer Corinne Brinkerhoff told the Los Angeles Times in June about similar events that took place in Kansas where she grew up. “There was a case about a serial killer [who may or may not be Dennis Rader] who was finally caught after going dormant for some time, and he turned out to be a fully functional family man,” she dished. “I was always fascinated and haunted by the duality of that man, and fascinated by the consequences of the people close to him.”

Also while chatting with Entertainment Weekly in June, she said, “This serial killer who had eluded police for 15 years and gone dormant, they finally caught him and it turned out that he was a family man with a wife and two kids, he was deacon at his church and he was a boy scout leader. I was not interested at all in the gruesome details of his crimes, but I was fascinated in a morbid way about what happens after that? What happens to that family?”

That’s definitely interesting to hear, but after watching the series it’s now even more thrilling to try and match up Brinkerhoff’s inspiration to the characters viewers have become acquainted with after only a couple episodes. Obviously, it’s nothing concrete, but the above descriptions definitely give some things away — or so it seems.

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You know how everyone assumes the Hawthornes are somehow involved with SBK or that one of them is SBK (ahem, Cam), well I’m not so sure. Yes, there is clearly something up with the Hawthornes, but currently my money is now on Tom Price, Alison’s husband, as SBK. Think about it.

As Brinkerhoff said, the real-life serial killer who inspired her series was a family man. So is Tom. The killer was also married and had two kids. So does Tom. The killer was also a boy scout leader and church deacon. It’s unclear whether or not Tom is those things, but he sure seems like a traditional family man, who would definitely hold those titles as well.

At this point in time, there isn’t much known about Tom, which is suspicious in itself. He doesn’t seem obvious, which just might mean he is SBK. Maybe Tom married into the Hawthorne family for some cryptic reason and is now hoping to pin the murders on them. Or, there could possibly be some deeper connection between Tom and the Hawthornes that go all the way back to when SBK started killing.

Really, the explanations are endless, but all I know is Tom is looking more like SBK by the minute.

American Gothic airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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