Selena Gomez had a Fourth of July party that seriously rivals Taylor Swift’s

Selena Gomez skipped her bestie’s bash to throw one of her own, and it looks like her butt was the guest of honor.

Gomez threw what by all appearances was a sweet little shindig for Independence Day with a squad of her own, but considering the circumstances, we wondered who they all were — so we put on our thinking caps. But not before we shook off the hypnosis caused by Gomez’s butt in her party video.

hostess vibes. Happy 4th everyone!

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We know that Gomez is on tour and that on Tuesday night she is playing the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. The SheKnows offices just happen to be right outside of Phoenix, in North Scottsdale, and we recognized a particular landmark in the background when Gomez falls into the pool. Her party house is totally in North Scottsdale!

So if Gomez is away from home, who are all those people partying with her? Did she hire them for an Instagram video? It’s possible that a star could spend a bunch of money on extras to fill in a vanity video of her butt. It’s also possible they are her tour dancers. I personally like the butt extras explanation, though.

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Gomez’s tour-and-butt-video schedule did not allow her to attend the other big party of the season: her bestie Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island bash. Swift showed off her buff new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, as well as showing what fun her squad has when they all get together, including a previously rumored-to-have-been-banished Karlie Kloss.

So, who do you think had more fun this Fourth of July, Gomez’s butt or Karlie Kloss?


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