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In total WTF news, Ciara fears Future will murder her fiancé, Russell Wilson

Ciara and her ex-fiancé, Future, are in the middle of a defamation suit that went from terrible to terrifying in one day. Today, Ciara filed a claim that basically said she’s afraid that Future might murder her current fiancé, Russell Wilson.

Talk about escalating quickly.

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Ciara, who shares a son with Future, pointed to some of his more violent lyrics and even some tweets that he’s posted as reason enough to believe that he could try to kill Wilson. One tweet that was specifically mentioned was when Future tweeted two football emojis with gun emojis next to them. It’s certainly not hard evidence, but because Wilson is a professional quarterback in the NFL, Ciara does have reason to believe it might be aimed at him.

She also noted Future’s new single “Juice” with the lyrics, “Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

In this instance, I’m totally with Ciara. There’s no way these lyrics could be misinterpreted at all. But does it actually mean that Future wants to kill Wilson? I don’t know.

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According to documents from TMZ, Ciara calls the threats “frightening” and “socially irresponsible” at a time when gun violence is so prevalent. She certainly has a point there. And if my ex-fiancé had a hit single where he rapped about murdering my current fiancé, I would definitely be frightened.

Whether or not her claims will be upheld in court, her motion does bring up an interesting point, which is how much of music should we be taking seriously these days? Does writing a lyric about an illegal situation mean that you have shown intent?

I’m sure it wouldn’t hold up in criminal court, but the court of public opinion could be changed and we could start calling out artists who are socially irresponsible with their music, no matter what genre they’re in.

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In Ciara’s case, though, I just hope this whole mess gets cleared up quickly. They don’t need any more of these kinds of claims to be thrown back and forth.

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