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The Better Business Bureau may make you rethink Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner’s drive to start her own business at 18 is definitely admirable. Her family is full of multimillionaire entrepreneurs, so she could have just skated by on their coattails. Instead, she decided to work hard to make a name for herself. The bad news is that, right now, it’s a failing name.

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The Better Business Bureau rated Jenner’s Lip Kit by Kylie business an F, the lowest possible score for a business, largely due to the high volume of complaints that the BBB receives about the company. Last year, Kylie Cosmetics had more than 130 complaints, and the BBB cited five unresolved complaints and a failure to “resolve underlying causes of a pattern of complaints” as main reasons for the failing grade.

Shipping is one of the major problems Jenner’s company faces. Some customers have claimed that when their lip kit arrives, it has two lip glosses instead of one lip gloss and one lip liner, or the box is completely empty — a huge problem when customers are shelling out $29 per kit.

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The lack of customer support and shipping errors haven’t seemed to deter fans from buying as many kits as they can. Many Lip Kit by Kylie kits sell out only minutes after they go on sale, and traffic to the site has been known to shut the entire thing down.

There’s something about the Kardashian-Jenner family. No matter what they do, fans will flock to get just a piece of what they’re selling!

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Back in May, Jenner’s cosmetic company was given a C rating from the BBB, so she and her team haven’t shown any signs of moving quickly to change things. In fact, they seem to be getting worse. I guess, if you’re selling out your product, it doesn’t really matter what grade you get.

With as many genius businesswomen as Jenner has in her family and surrounding her, I’m sure she will find a way to fix everything and end up right back on top again.

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