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Kylie Jenner and Tyga are doing well and making up for lost time

Well, we were warned that their breakup wouldn’t last long. Kylie Jenner and Tyga are back together, and she wants all of her Instagram followers to know about it.
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The newly reunited couple spent the Fourth of July together, cuddling, watching fireworks and wearing Rolexes, according to the views Jenner chose to share on Snapchat.

Us Weekly got the scoop from an insider, who confirms that the relationship is officially back on. “They are officially back together and he is staying there with her,” the source said. “It’s up in the air if he is going to live there permanently or is just staying there for now.”

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The couple’s on-again status comes just a few weeks after Jenner appeared in PartyNextDoor’s video and, even more scandalously, on his Instagram, which seemed to feed into the rumors that the two are dating. While it’s possible that Jenner and Tyga only broke up to feed the promotion machine of the video, we’d just as soon buy that the couple’s stress over a Blac Chyna-Tyga-Jenner-Rob Kardashian love square is certainly putting a damper on their relationship. But we all know there’s nothing more American than moving past a morbid relationship situation and sharing your love on social media. Now, we have just one question: What does Kris Jenner think?

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