Everyone has an opinion on Hiddleswift, including Taylor Swift’s BFFs

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are together (really, they’ve made no attempt to hide their affection for one another), and everyone also has an opinion on their romance. But what do Swift’s fans think of her new man?

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On Monday, July 4, Swift, Hiddleston and her famous squad partied it up at her Rhode Island home and it was a great opportunity for them to really get to know each other — and Hiddleston made a pretty good impression.

Tom has met all of Taylor’s best friends at this point in their relationship,” an insider told E! News.

Adding, “They all really like Tom and like how he treats Taylor. Things are moving fast between them but none of her friends are worried because they never have seen her this happy.”

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Swift’s relationships are often discussed and she gets a lot of flack from some critics for having dated a string of famous men (and producing songs about their breakups), but Swift appears to wear her heart on her sleeve and she’s open to giving love a shot. And it looks like it’s really paid off this time around, because according to the source, both Swift and Hiddleston feel like they’ve got a “rare” connection.

And not only have her friends given their stamp of approval, but also her family.

Could this be the romance that ends in a happily ever after for Swift? Maybe.

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What do you think? Share your thoughts on Hiddleswift’s romance with us in the comments below.

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