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Amber Rose gives Iggy Azalea some slightly raunchy breakup advice

Iggy Azalea has had a rough few weeks. First she left her fiancé, Nick Young, and then she publicly opened up on Twitter about catching him cheating on her. But there’s one piece of good news for Azalea: She has Amber Rose in her corner.

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Rose shared a photo on Instagram of Azalea looking like a queen, surrounded by flowers, with a message of femininity, support and the fun of being single.
She said, “My heart goes out to you @thenewclassic I have been through heartbreak as well so I know what ur going through. Stay strong and keep ur head up my Rosebuds and I support you and we think ur AMAZING!!!”

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Amber Rose had her own very public split from Kanye West, with whom she continues to have a controversial relationship. But her advice for Azalea is to skip all that messiness. “Let all the hate go in one ear and out the other,” she continued in the caption. “Trust me I deal with just as much hate if not more. The great thing is it’s the beginning of the summer and now you can be a hoe! Lol Date a bunch of hot guys and give yourself some new cool options.” This is all great advice that could — let’s be honest — have been shared over DM. Whatever Rose’s ulterior motives may be, however, the message of support is valid. If Azalea wants to “be a hoe” for the summer, she deserves that option.

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