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Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped a surprise new single we ‘Love’

There’s really nothing that Lin-Manuel Miranda can do wrong these days. Between Hamilton’s huge success and his own fierce activism, he is the voice of the people right now. With so much success, he could sit back and enjoy the change he’s created.

But he wouldn’t be Lin-Manuel Miranda if he did that.

As a Fourth of July surprise, he teamed up with Jennifer Lopez to drop a new single called “Love Make the World Go Round.” All proceeds from the song, which they announced on Twitter, will be donated to the Pulse victims in Orlando through Hispanic Federation.

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Lopez and Miranda are both huge influencers in the Latin community, and as it was Latin night at Pulse when the shootings occurred, they have an even deeper connection to the tragedy.

Miranda’s tweet also included a clip of the song that shows behind-the-scenes footage from the recording session and a sneak peek at the lyrics. Miranda raps powerful messages like, “What we got is love, even when the sinners hate us / We cannot let them diminish or intimidate us.” 

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Lopez comes in to sing the hook of the song with an equally passionate message. She sings, “We’re not staying inside today / They’re not taking our pride away / Love make the world go ‘round.”

A purposeful song on top of an amazing dance track? Consider me all in.

Fans of both Lopez and Miranda immediately started congratulating the pair on such a hot single. Even Bethenny Frankel got in on the action, tweeting, “I listened to this song & it’s a PHENOM dance ballad that had me off my ass dancing in an instant! RUN to buy! Xo.”

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The teaser only said that the song would be coming soon to iTunes, but I doubt we’ll have to wait much longer for something so important. I’m hoping that by the weekend, we’ll all be able to blast this in our cars. They’re gonna read this, right?

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