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Zendaya shames man behind disgusting rape tweet with eloquent response

Zendaya has become known for her eloquent responses to criticism and hate, and her words serve as inspiration to women across the globe. But over the weekend she was forced to deal with something no woman should ever have to: a rape “joke.”

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According to Us Weekly, the since deleted message came from a man on Twitter who asked his followers who they would want to rape, if the horror movie The Purge was real. WTF. But it gets even worse, because the Twitter user also picked out four female celebs — Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Zendaya — and shared their photos for his followers to choose from.

The disgusting tweet quickly made its way around the internet, until it caught the attention of Zendaya herself — and she didn’t hold back with her response.

Referring to the tweet as “absolutely disgusting,” Zendaya told the user that he should be ashamed of himself. She was also shocked to see that this is the way her generation views women (although, it’s sadly more than just one generation).

She followed up with a second tweet about how people are “sick.”

However, the response did not seem to deter the troll, because he reportedly replied by saying that Zendaya’s comment was “lit” — something which she was quick to shut down.

Zendaya has been praised for her response, with fans tweeting her their messages of support and encouragement.

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