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Paulie has a chance to make Big Brother history

The rules of reality TV are usually pretty simple. As long as you cause the most drama in the house or act like the biggest jerk, you can usually count on staying on the show for a long time. This season on Big Brother, though, we might be witnessing history. Paulie, the resident good guy in the house, could actually win the competition without backstabbing or causing waves.

This season there have been plenty of surprises. Jozea was sent packing second, even though he was stirring the pot constantly. The plans of the 8-Pack, the biggest alliance in the house, have all been executed perfectly. And Paulie has played the game as honestly as possible and he’s a huge favorite to win.

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At least, he’s the huge favorite to win in my head.

I know that I’m putting a lot of hopes into the game staying clean, because it’s way too early on for everyone to show their true colors, but it just seems like it’s time to see the good guys win. Competition shows have started to feel like they’re rewarding bad behavior, and it would be refreshing and new to see someone win who didn’t act like the biggest jerk.

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The one thing working against Paulie is that he’s aligned himself with veterans who will probably turn against him when the numbers start to dwindle. While he could continue to save himself by winning challenges, he hasn’t won anything yet, so that doesn’t look like a great option. Neither does flirting with any of the women. None of them are interested at all in romance. And I have to be honest, I’m proud of all of them for that.

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Eventually, Paulie will probably have to stab someone in the back in order to keep himself safe and win the entire game, but until then I’m very much enjoying someone winning the game who isn’t a complete and total ass.

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