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Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis finally disagreed on Food Network Star

Guys, we need to talk about something. We need to talk about why Ana Quincoces is still competing on Food Network Star. Bobby Flay, my love for you runs deep, but your obsession with purely the contestants’ food (that we viewers can’t even taste) is really clouding your ability to make a good decision right now.

Tonight, the remaining six contestants were put through some pretty rigorous tests. First, much to Erin and Damiano’s delight, they were tasked with baking. Much to their dismay, however, they were only given powdered baking essentials and two freezers packed with frozen crap to work with. Ana, the bionic woman, managed to make some delicious dessert and even squeaked out a hint of a personality for a moment, but she came up just a little short in comparison to Tregaye’s sparkle. When voting time came, Bobby mentioned that the decision was not unanimous (he and Giada disagree?!) before saying that the winner was Tregaye. At the time, I didn’t realize it but Bobby was probably going to pick Ana to win. Bobby is a true chef who loves food. Ana definitely doesn’t have the Giada Food Network Star personality but she can cook.


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Unfortunately, the next challenge was a little hokey and a lot awkward, to be honest. Our chefs were put into teams of two and told to make food fit for a luau. They were then going to be given six minutes to demo their entrée and desserts in front of a crowd of luau enthusiasts. Erin and Jernard did pretty well. Damiano and Tregaye did a great job at getting the crowd going, but failed to demo even a moment of cooking, and then there was Joy and Ana.

Oh, Ana.

Joy had a rough script ready for them to follow, but somehow Ana lost it almost immediately (shocked!) and simply started rambling. Joy jumped right in and started to save her by actually explaining their food, but Ana just made coconut-boob jokes and drank. I think we were all with Bobby Flay when he turned to guest host Anne Burrell and said, “What is happening?” They eventually started bickering with each other and ran out of demo time.

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When it came to elimination, Joy and Ana ended up on the chopping block. Somehow Joy was axed and Ana lives another week. This makes three consecutive partners that have been sent home after working with Ana.

One positive was that Bobby and Giada finally disagreed again and gave us some tension during the deliberations. Bobby maintained that he will always side with good food, which was why he chose Ana to stay, and Giada pointed out that Ana doesn’t have the personality and has been on the bottom a whole lot.

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Here’s the thing that bothers me. Ana has consistently shown she can’t have her own show or handle being on camera. I feel like that’s pretty important in this particular competition. This isn’t Top Chef where we are just looking for amazing food. This is Next Food Network Star. There needs to be good food and a lot of star power here. I feel like Bobby is a star because he is an amazing chef who doesn’t really need to try to get people to like him. He’s simply likable. He always seems almost like he doesn’t understand why people aren’t just inherently charming because it’s so easy for him. The problem is, viewers can’t taste the food. For all I know, Giada’s lasagna is garbage. I watch her show because she draws me in. If you don’t have that ability, no one will care whether you make amazing meals and your show will fail. Ana doesn’t have it.

Bobby, do me a solid and send Ana packing.

Do you agree that personali is important for the next Food Network Star?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Giada & Bobby Flay cute moments slideshow
Image: Food Network

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