Tom Hiddleston wears his love for Taylor Swift on his sleeve — and chest

Jul 4, 2016 at 2:49 a.m. ET
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Tom Hiddleston's latest display of affection for Taylor Swift has our heads spinning. After introducing her to his mother and taking her on a Roman holiday, Hiddleston is now professing his love for the "Shake It Off" singer in the strangest way possible.

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Swift is known for her lavish Fourth of July parties, so it's no surprise Swift and Hiddleston were photographed celebrating Independence Day on the beach near the singer's house in Rhode Island on Sunday, July 3. The couple was spotted splashing in the ocean with Swift's entire celebrity squad, including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and more stars.


Ruby Rose, Uzo Aduba, Martha Hunt and HAIM were among the other stars in attendance spotted playing in the waves and posing for photos.


Swift and Hiddleston were seen getting close and cozy in the water. However, it's Hiddleston's tank top that has left us bewildered.

The actor was spotted wearing a shirt that said "I heart T.S." aka I love Taylor Swift. Yes, for real. He also had a heart with a "T" drawn on his arm.


Disclaimer: I'm a huge Swiftie. I want to believe Hiddleswift is real, that magic exists and dreams do come true, but what 35-year-old man wears a shirt professing his love for his new significant other with their initials written on it? It just seems like they're both trying too hard and it's all too much.

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However, inside sources say Hiddleswift is the real deal.

"Their families love them as a couple, and it seems like everyone, including her close friends, think this is going to be the guy she will end up with," a source told E! News.

The source went on to reveal, "She is having a blast traveling with him. He is very romantic and attentive towards her. He is extremely charming. He also makes sure she feels safe wherever they go together. She is on cloud 9, and really enjoying this quality time they are spending."

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I, too, want to believe Swift has finally found her soulmate and that these two really are in love. However, I can't help but wonder, why did Hiddleston feel the need to profess his love on his shirt? It seems too showy and immature. I wasn't suspicious about the validity of Swift and Hiddleston's relationship before, but now, I'm questioning everything.

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