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The world still loves Robin Roberts after her epic $100,000 Pyramid fail

Robin Roberts is one hell of a woman. She’s a dominant force in her industry, having served as both an ESPN sportscaster and a co-host of Good Morning America. What’s more, she’s worked hard to overcome stigma surrounding her race, her gender and her sexual orientation, all while battling breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome. Michael Strahan puts it best: Roberts puts the “class” in classy.

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Unfortunately for Roberts and her cohorts on The $100,000 Pyramid, being an amazing person has nothing to do with winning big. And while Roberts is great as a newscaster, the same cannot be said of her performance as a game show contestant. I never thought I would physically cringe while watching Roberts on television, but clearly, anything is possible — because I definitely cringed during her ill-fated appearance on The $100,000 Pyramid.

Robin Roberts
Image: ABC

I certainly didn’t expect Roberts to be a bad contestant. She’s an intelligent, witty woman and, as she admitted during a brief chat with Strahan, she’s super competitive. She admitted that she used to play basketball and once, when a player refused to stop messing with her, she settled the matter with her fists. She’s learned her lesson and no longer resorts to physical violence, but she told Strahan that she can be incredibly fierce when she needs to be.

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Unfortunately, when push came to shove, Roberts’ fierceness fizzled. She was, for the most part, pretty quick to come up with answers when her partner, Eugene, offered up clues. But when it was her turn to provide clues, things went downhill fast. She found it particularly difficult to get her second partner to come up with the words scene and planner.

Robin Roberts
Image: ABC

I’m not the only person to find Roberts’ $100,000 Pyramid appearance less than impressive (albeit in a comical way). Several disappointed viewers spoke up on Twitter; all made a point of complimenting Roberts profusely before bashing her game show skills — or lack thereof.

The great thing about a show like The $100,000 Pyramid is that it’s entertaining even when (or especially when) its celebrity contestants are bad. Unfortunately, all future game show trainwrecks will pale in comparison to Roberts’ abomination of an appearance. Don’t worry, Robin, we still love you!

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