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All our Hannibal questions may finally be answered with a whole new season

Fannibals, I am here to deliver some delicious news. Brace yourselves, because we may be finally getting the resurrection that we have been clambering for. Bryan Fuller told Collider that hope is still very much alive for Hannibal to be picked back up for a fourth season.

That’s right, our time with Dr. Lecter and Will Graham may not be over just yet.

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Fans were just short of engaging in a revolution when Hannibal was inexplicably cancelled after its third season. The show was quite simply a masterpiece. Creator Bryan Fuller was somehow able to take the most grotesque and horrifying visuals, and turn them into a breathtakingly beautiful experience. Fuller may be a real wizard, I’m just saying.

One of the most frustrating after effects of Hannibal‘s untimely cancellation was the fact that Season 3 was left on a pretty serious cliffhanger (literally). Spoiler alert! Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter had just committed their first murder together and Will simply said, “It’s beautiful,” then Hannibal pulls them both off of a cliff. Here’s the thing though, Bryan Fuller was not ready for them to die. The series was cancelled after the third season without Fuller knowing it would happen. He had plans for another season with Will and Hannibal being alive. It’s like a worst-case scenario situation for a television show. The creator had a vision and that vision was not allowed to play itself through. How were they going to survive? What was going to happen now that Will was taken into Hannibal’s world of murder and mayhem? We need to know!

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According to Fuller, we just might get the chance to see that finale plot play out. You see, Amazon owns the streaming rights to all seasons of Hannibal. No one can pick it up until those rights run out, so to speak. Fuller says once that happens, they plan to talk about starting to get a fourth season off the ground. When is that? August 2017 is when the rights will officially be released.

Fuller says, “That’s when we would have to see what the rights are for the character and for the story, and see who’s interested, and how we get it done. I have the story, and the cast is excited for the story, so we’re ready to go if somebody wants to go.” Did you hear that? Fuller has a story and he has the cast ready to go. There is literally nothing stopping this from happening. Critically, the series was hailed as one of the best shows on television. It was cinematic, artistic and unsettling all at the same time, while employing a cast of characters that drew you in for the long haul. Basically, as long as we have Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy on board, I am game.

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Hugh Dancy actually told Collider that he was completely in for it when talks resume in 2017. As for that ending that left us all with our jaws grazing the floor, Dancy said about the story Fuller has planned for the fourth season, “It took us back to the first season in a very unexpected way, and made total sense of that cliffhanger ending: it seemed justified.”

Honestly, I can’t deal. Hannibal deserved better. Bryan Fuller deserved better. We are so close, fannibals! One more year and we may have a completely planned-out season in the works. I can smell the delicious meals already.

Are you psyched for another season of horror on Hannibal? Let us know in the comments!

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