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Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina Brown’s deaths are darker than we thought

One person was present at the deaths of both Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown — and law enforcement does not think it’s a coincidence.

A grand jury has been probing what, if any, involvement Nick Gordon had in the drowning death of Bobbi Kristina, and a source says that if charges are brought against him in that case, chances are good that Gordon will be investigated in Houston’s death as well.

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“There are obvious similarities between the way they both were bruised and drugged in bathtubs — and Nick was nearby both times,” the law enforcement insider told Radar Online.

Gordon’s friend and alleged drug dealer is prepared to testify against him in both cases if it gets that far.

Max Lomas claims he and his girlfriend, Danyela Bradley, witnessed Gordon beating Bobbi Kristina twice on the evening they eventually found her floating facedown in her bathtub. Bobbi Kristina’s estate has sued Gordon for $40 million in a wrongful death suit, alleging that after he beat her, he gave her a toxic cocktail of drugs that knocked her out and contributed to her death.

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Houston was found under similar circumstances: floating lifeless in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel with bruises on her body. An autopsy found cocaine in her system.

Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, discovered that she too had bruises all over her body when she was admitted to the hospital, but he initially thought they were from a minor car accident she had been in days earlier. Bradley, who was in the car with her, disputes this.

“I have spoken to Danyela again about Bobbi Kristina not having any bruises after the accident,” her sister Lidiane Guedes said. “She said Bobbi Kristina had no bruises visible or otherwise! If Bobby Brown wants to ask me about this, I will be more than happy to talk to him.”

The investigation continues.

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