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Is Queen of the South‘s Teresa destined to be a heroine or an anti-hero?

Queen of the South‘s Teresa has already been dubbed the female Walter White, and the description couldn’t be more fitting.

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Of course, right now in the series Teresa is definitely the heroine to root for. Every decision she has made has been about survival. She picked the lesser of two evils tonight when she decided to swallow some serious balloons full of drugs rather than face certain death. It’s easy to want her to succeed given what we’ve seen of her character so far.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that in order for Teresa to continue surviving, some of her decisions will be character compromising. You don’t get to those gold heels and immaculate white dresses without leaving a dirty trail in the drug world.

The show is so fast-paced though so far that there’s hardly time for you to assess Teresa’s choices as good or bad. Like her, the audience is left to roll with them as she simply reacts to her current conditions.

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I thought maybe the premiere was just an action-packed taste at what’s in store while the rest of the season levels out but, thanks to the second episode, we know it’s all going to be a wild ride. I would even say it will be more fast-paced than Breaking Bad, the show it is drawing the most comparisons to. Teresa doesn’t have time to analyze her entrance into the drug world. She doesn’t have a family to consider as she swallows those balloons. This is about her getting through each situation as best and as quickly as she can and her alone.

It will be interesting to see the world she builds around herself especially considering that right now she’s been left without any allies. It seems clear, even this early on, that Camille will groom Teresa for bigger things, but that doesn’t make Camille a confidant. Far from it. In fact, I’m pretty sure one of Teresa’s big acts in her rise to power will be disposing of Camille in some not-so-pleasant way.

Teresa’s hard decisions are clearly just beginning and yet I can’t imagine the twists and turns this season is going to take.

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Guys, this show is good. Like real good.

Do you think Teresa will be able to maintain her heroism or will she quickly become our favorite anti-hero on television?

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