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I have high hopes for Big Brother‘s Fatal Five women

I love a good girl group. From Destiny’s Child to Charlie’s Angels, if there is a group of individual women making sure to support and champion other women, I’m their biggest fan. So when I saw that some of the Big Brother women were forming the Fatal Five alliance between five of the strongest women in the house, I was ecstatic.

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The alliance is formed between Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, Tiffany Rousso, Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer. It’s a solid mix of veterans and newbies who are all inside the dominant 8-Pack alliance, so they’re definitely playing it smart by reinforcing their allegiance to each other.

They are all focused solely on the game. Each of them expressed that they are not interested in any of the guys. They collectively decided that they may flirt, but that it doesn’t mean anything; winning the game is their priority.

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More than that, though, is their dedication to not being catty throughout the season.

Obviously, avoiding cattiness is something much easier said than done, but for now I choose to believe in these five women. I think it’s finally time that women band together and show loyalty to each other the entire way through. There will be a time where they’ll have to start looking out for themselves, but why can’t that wait until everyone else is gone?

Over and over in reality TV we see women who are constantly talking about other people behind their back, or women who use their sexuality to advance in the game. And I get it. If a million dollars were on the line, there’s no telling what any of us would do. But I want these women to show that forming an alliance together and playing smart and nice is the most useful strategy.

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What do you think? How long with the Fatal Five last in the Big Brother house?

Before you leave, check out our slideshow below!

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