Jules Wainstein’s latest divorce problem is reportedly making her miserable

Jules Wainstein has only been on The Real Housewives of New York for one season, but she’s already experiencing what it’s like to publicly go through a divorce.

Now, a new report claims Jules and Michael Wainstein are still living together amid their nasty divorce battle, according to an inside source of Us Weekly.

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The pair reportedly opted to both stay in their Manhattan apartment because “neither wanted to be away from the kids,” according to Us Weekly’s source.

However, a second inside source for the mag revealed there’s more to the story, saying that the whole situation is making Jules miserable.

“Jules is going through a living hell,” said a second insider. “Michael cut her off so she has no way of paying for the kids.”

Jules and Michael’s public divorce drama has been filled with some serious accusations. Jules claims Michael cheated on her with one of her good friends, while Michael accused Jules of physically attacking him in 2012.

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However, Jules’ awkward living situation is probably more common than we think among couples going through a divorce. She may be staying in the same apartment as her husband because she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

While I haven’t had any friends get divorced, yet, this reminds me of a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend whom she was living with in his apartment. They still lived together for several weeks following the breakup because she didn’t have another apartment to move into yet. Not surprisingly, this led to all sorts of complications and drama between them.

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This situation can’t be too uncommon, but I would imagine Jules is miserable living with her estranged husband amid all this messy divorce drama. On top of everything else, rumor has it producers won’t be asking her to return to RHONY next season, but nothing has been confirmed.

However, Jules seems to be in good spirits, according to her social media posts. She shared a photo on Twitter on Thursday hanging out with her family with the caption, “Give love, get love.”

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