Seeing Suits‘ Mike in prison is more horrible than we thought it would be

Now that Season 5 of Suits is over, it’s time for Mike to do the time for his crime in Season 6. After turning himself in for practicing law without a degree, Mike now has to serve two years in prison. Even though fans probably don’t want to see Mike in jail, it’s definitely going to bring an even darker and more interesting edge to what is already a fantastic series.

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That said, it’s surely going to be difficult to see Mike trying to survive inside prison walls. Unfortunately, two exclusive Suits Season 6 videos shared by TV Line confirmed just that. Prison isn’t going to be easy for Mike — and his biggest fans.

The video interviews with both Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross) and Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) give insight into the upcoming season and what viewers can expect. Basically, watching Mike in jail will be extremely tough and everything going down will influence each and every Suits character.

As Adams teases in the video above, Season 6 is like “a whole new” series, which is what fans probably expected to happen after the Season 5 finale. He also adds about Mike, “I think he’s going to be tested more than ever in this season. That means new characters and… new interactions and new relationships and new threats.”

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Harvey is especially having a hard time with Mike being in prison and partially blames himself. After all, he is responsible for bringing him into the firm in the first place. You know it’s wreaking havoc on Harvey when he apologizes to Jessica and Louis for his mistakes. When is Harvey ever apologetic? Hardly ever, that’s when.

However, the one thing that truly stands out in the videos is Mike entering prison, being watched by fellow inmates, getting his hair buzzed and trying to adjust to his new life behind bars. It’s really tough to watch and will give you chills, so what does that mean when the series actually begins? Watching full episodes of Mike in jail is probably going to be even rougher.

Basically, fans had better prepare themselves for a different series come July. Though, they also should welcome it with open arms, because Suits is entering territory that it’s never gone to before and things are going to get even more exciting.

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Suits Season 6 premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 9/8c on USA.

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